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اهلا وسهلا بكم اعضاء منتدانا الغالي اتيتكم اليوم بتحديث لجهازجديد
قريبا في تونس


يحمل المعالج المتطور ST7162 .

اهم ما يميزه السرعه و 2 تيونر وخاصية البحث الاعمى و 2 يو اس بى .... يمكن زيادة عدد مخارج اليو اس بى الى 16 عن طريق هاب اليو اس بى .

اخر تحديث


 Linux OS · Dual Boot System 
· 2 x Conax card reader 
· Spark portal (VOD service, interactive TV service, etc. ..) 
· Spark Online Services 
· Opera Web browser, SHOUTcast, Picasa, RSS, weather forecast, online manuals, etc. .. 
· Youtube, Youporn, Kartina TV 
· Video formats: DivX, Xvid, MKV, WMV, AVI, etc. .. 
· WI-FI capable - wifi stick available at extra charge 
· 3-G enabled 
· 3-D capable 
· Plug-ins 
· Network capable drives 
· USB for record function, MP3 playback, JPEG photo show and SW update 
· USB hub support (HDD, USB WI-FI, WI-FI keyboard, etc. ..) 
· HDMI 1.3 Output 
· High-resolution VFD display 
· RCA output (Video, Audio L & R) 
· 1 x Scart TV 
· RJ45 Ethernet port 
· Digital Audio Out (Coaxial Optical &) 
· RS 232 interface for software and channel list update 
· Standby power consumption <0 .5=".5" 1080i="1080i" 1080p="1080p" 2="2" 480i="480i" 480p="480p" 576i="576i" 576p="576p" 720p="720p" and="and" automatic="automatic" batteries="batteries" blind="blind" cable="cable" comes="comes" control="control" covers="covers" english="english" font="font" front="front" function="function" hdmi="hdmi" manual="manual" menu="menu" multilingual="multilingual" osd="osd" printed="printed" remote="remote" replaceable="replaceable" resolution="resolution" scan="scan" tuning="tuning" user-friendly="user-friendly" user="user" video="video" w="w" with="with" x="x" zoom="zoom"> 

3G USB support is good for those on the move. 
You can find these boxes for $169 Euro or $199 AUD... so pretty cheap  for a triple tuner box.... nice just to have a DVB-T PVR for that price.
Blindscan is handy too.
Plus Apps


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