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تحديث جديد لاجهزة amiko spark 7111-7162 02-11-2013


Release Notes for v1.2.69

New Features: - Spark now supports SuperIPTV 1.5 channels
- Added Auto Fast-Scan function (automatic Fast Scanning if there's a channel change)
- Added the possibility to add channels by manually supplying their PIDs
- EPG Progress bar for current events on the Info Bar

- Improved Viasat EPG support
- Updated English, Hungarian, Romanian & Polish OSD languages
- Entering teletext without any language selection menu
- "NO" is now the default selection if the Stand-By button is pressed while recording
- The default timer option now is "HDD Record", if there's a local or network storage available

- Fixed an issue causing DVB and Teletext subtitles to remain visible for too long time
- Fixed an issue causing the Timer function fail to work on the Amiko Alien2 & Alien2+ models

Download AMIKO_ALIEN2_1.2.69_app.rar

Download AMIKO_SHD-8900_1.2.69_app.rar

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