, pub-4360618444531241, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 جديد صورة تجريبية Openpli 6.0 المطور Spark7111/7162 MastaG

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جديد صورة تجريبية Openpli 6.0 المطور Spark7111/7162 MastaG

اصدر صورة تجريبية Openpli 6.0 المطور MastaG

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New unofficial test build for Fulan sh4 (spark/spark7162)


- Now built using -O2 instead of -Os, it feels a bit faster now

- Disabled zram by default as it slows down things

- Includes gstreamer 1.14 as well (thx Taapat)

- Uchardet upgraded to git version

- Merged PLi's latest enigma2 rev: 9310a05

- Built using latest openpli-oe-core rev: ab347d9

- Many cleanups and fixes

- Removed serviceapp

* Note: zram is disabled by default since we're using extra memory from video ram.

  This breaks PIP, but that was limited to SD-channels anyways.

  If you still want to use zram, login using telnet and issue the following commands:

touch /etc/.zram

* Note2: serviceapp has been removed in favor of Taapats service-player for libeplayer3 and gstreamer.

  The playback system is set to libeplayer3 by default, which provides the same playback functionality as serviceapp + exteplayer3 as default player.

  If you'd like to swtich to gstreamer 1.14, you can do this by going to: Menu -> Settings -> System -> Usage Setup (this requires a restart of enigma2)

  Exteplayer3 (and now also gstplayer) is still included for use with IPTV Player

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